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     the meaning behind “vonn”

We’re a partnership, both passionate about the thrill of victory ,but not so keen on rigid rules.

The term “Win” has a specific meaning in the dictionary, typically achieved through a defined set of rules and expressed in a single manner.

Yet, we’re here to mix it up. We believe a win can take many forms and be attained through various paths.

So, we ditch the typical approach and start making our own moves, right from our name.

Even though we all say “Won/Vonn” the same way, we like to write it with our own flair.

Choosing “Vonn” over “won” is our way of disrupting the journey, questioning the usual methods, and getting creative within our own game plan.


The brand’s concept revolves around crafting simple yet striking silhouettes, aiming for a laid-back charm that achieves the ideal balance between style and wearability

Building a versatile wardrobe where each piece complements various styles, serving as both adaptable essentials and bold centrepieces

Embracing individuality, fostering creativity, and ensuring longevity in every piece.


We offer environmentally safe and recyclable hang tags using 100% recycled paper & we use pure cotton and multi-purpose pouches for packaging


Our aim is to support textile structures which have sustainable, environmentally friendly and functional characteristics. We work with green factories all around Turkey to fulfil our vision


We test our fabrics before going into production. Fabric testing is the process of inspecting, measuring and evaluating characteristics and properties of a fabric surface


Our products go through quality control which is a set of steps or guidelines designed to guarantee that a product or service meets certain performance standards. We only sell products that have proven quality


We believe in modern basic clothing and perfect fit. We create without seasonal fixities. We design for needs and aesthetic. We believe in art and the holy art makers. We collaborate with artists and merge our platforms to build a stronger vision of fashion.

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